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On Hold IVR - Richard Emmitt
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Testimonials From My Clients

"We had the pleasure to work with Richard as one of our voice actors while working on Listle, an app that turned written articles into audio.

Every single narration he did, completely transported me to the world the writer of the articles was describing. Quality of the sound was always absolutely perfect.

His narrations made the #1 most listened story of the day, several times. I have nothing but good things to say about him."
Cristina Bunea, founder of
“Richard did a fantastic job with his professional voice. He is a real master of English language and he can use his talent to make my business better.

While working with me he was listening very carefully, he fully understood my demands and provided the service promptly and accurately.

I could say he read my mind and gave me exactly what I wanted.”
Daniel Balazs Smal, manager of Quality Gutters
"Richard did a very good job, I told him what I want, was very detailed and thorough. He even edited it for me, so the final product was very enjoyable
I really needed his calm and smooth voice! I'll be a returning customer!"
Gabriella Csete, from ZINZINO

Vocal Studio Booth Videos

How I created my recording booth

When I decided to embark on my journey into voice over, I soon came to realise that I would need a professional quality recording space. I tried recording without one and I found I couldn’t concentrate with all the noise around me and the noise from the cheap microphone I had at the time.

Vocal Booth Tour

This video shows the final result of the build and a sample of the sound quality. It took me four months to build in my spare time and all the research and effort really paid off I think.

Please remember, these are home videos’ done at the very start of my journey so everything is as raw as it can get! Enjoy!

About Me

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How I started out as a voice-over

I began my journey back in December 2018 with the idea of fulfilling a childhood dream of being behind the mic and broadcasting my voice out there for people to enjoy. It had been on my mind for some years and I needed to get this going before I considered myself too old to get started.

So in June of 2019 after much research into how to actually build a soundproof recording booth and having figured out how to video, edit and upload the procedure, I paid my first bit of money and ordered the parts to get started.

After four months of part-time blood, sweat and cheers, I reached the first target of having a space to record in with professional quality equipment. This was so awesome!

Next was to get trained. I considered this imperative as a first step into any business if you intend to do it at a high, professional standard. So I had to look for a coach.

I soon found out that there are a lot of coaches out there so it became difficult to decide, who I should do this with? What did I want to achieve? Goals are very important.

I decided to seek advice from a voice actor who I had come across on Youtube and who four years after making his first videos of his journey, was now a successful games and animation voice actor. This was Jay Britton who over the course of a few lessons gave me some really appropriate business advice and direction for coaching.

I took his advice and since then I have been getting coached by Tanya Rich and Nancy Wolfson. Both well-respected peers in the industry. And so my journey continues.

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